Spanish courses

Spanish at different levels
These courses are taught from a communicative perspective to develop all four learning skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). There are four different levels: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced.

Class activities and assignments (practical grammar exercises, role playing, pair work, expositions and debates) deal with functional language contents and real-life situations. The material used in the course presents real documents of social circulation such as news articles, recordings, interviews and film fragments. Class activities are supplemented by extra-curricular ones to foster cultural immersion. Students participate in several cultural activities such as cinema, theatre, exhibitions, music shows and museum visits, among others.

Course load: 80 hours

Spanish Beginner I Syllabus

Spanish Pre-intermediate II Syllabus

Spanish Intermediate III Syllabus

Spanish Advanced IV Syllabus

Spanish Advanced Grammar
Prerequisite: intermediate level of Spanish. The course aims at studying Spanish grammar in depth. It is structured in such a way that students can have access to different texts of social circulation and to the discursive and linguistic strategies related to each text type.

Course load: 45 hours.

Spanish Advanced Grammar Syllabus

Spanish Written Production I & II
Prerequisite:  intermediate level of Spanish. The course aims at developing written production of complex texts in formal and academic registers.

Course load: 45 hours .

Written Production I Syllabus

Written Production II Syllabus

Spanish Conversation I & II
Presequisite:, intermediate level of Spanish. The course aims at developing oral expression and improving fluency. Class activities include role-playing, dramatizations and oral presentations about Argentine and Latin American cultural issues.

The course emphasizes the use of functional language in communicative contexts in Argentina. Spanish intermediate level is required in order to start level II.

Course load: 45 hours

Conversation I Syllabus

Conversation II Syllabus

Spanish for specific purposes (Medicine/Legal/ Business/ Tourism)
This is a course for students whohave an intermediate Spanish level and aims at studying the language in specific fields such as business, laws and means of communication, among others. Students will be working with authentic oral and written texts in which the linguistic aspects related to these fields are studied in depth.

Course load: 45 hours

Spanish Business Syllabus

Development of integrated skills in Spanish
The course is designed under a communicative fundament. The student will put into practice his or her skills in Spanish that are necessary for the resolution of assignments of integrated skills proposed during the course.

Development of integrated skills in Spanish Syllabus