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  • The registration deadline for UNC students and graduates who may choose post office mail as their vote modality is August 24. The system available to cast their vote is UNC users (MiUNC) and, to be able to use it, the users´ address must not be in the city of Córdoba (06.08.2021)

  • The UNC Office of Community Outreach is inviting the community to the giant puppet and live music show presentation called : “What can we do with Ubú? The play was selected within the context of the call that took place in 2019 with the purpose of creating the UNC Drama Temporary Cast. The show will be presented on Sunday, August 8 at 8pm. (07.29.2021) at the UNC Hall of the Americas

  • The UNC Office of Community Outreach calls students to participate in projects managed by the Outreach Integral Health and Education in Science and Technology Points Programs. This program deals with calls that give credit for Students Social Commitment. Closing date is August 6. (07.28.2021)

  • The Department of Vocational Orientation managed by the UNC´s Students´Affairs Department informs that enrollment is open for the virtual workshops called:“Considering my area of study”. These workshops consist of a series of online, free of charge meetings in which questions related to the selection of areas of study and an approach to educational alternatives of Higher Education will be dealt with. (07.27.2021)

  • The UNC Office of International Relations informs that the reception of applications regarding the presentation of research works within the XXVIII AUGM  (Montevideo Group Universities Association) Young Researchers Sessions context is open. These online sessions are organized by the Santiago de Chile University (USACH) and will be taking place from November 10 to 12, 2021. The enrollment deadline for the research works reception of applications is August 1, 2021. (07.23.2021)