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  • Ms Marcela Lagarde y de los Ríos, the renowned Mexican academic professor, assured that even though Higher Education centers have received great influence from a femenist perspective, there is still great resistance towards its adoption and to consider the view of gender with a “universally interpretative, scientific and philosophical” scope.. She pointed out this concept within the framework of the Micaela Law at UNC implementation on October 7, 2020 [10.08.2020]

  • Authorities of the National University of Cordoba, Cordoba’s city City Hall and Cordoba’s Culture Agency communicated all the details of the new edition of The Night of the Museums. This traditional event took place on Friday, November 20 from 9 pm to 2 a.m. It could be accessed virtually through the following site : www.nochedelosmuseos.unc.edu.ar. [04.11.2020]

  • The first musical meeting within the framework of an especially arranged cycle in order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Declaration of the Cordoba Jesuit Square as part of the World’s Heritage has taken place. Three short UNC Symphonic Orchestra ensembles interpreted chamber music on the balconies of Montserrat National School,the entrance of the Old Rectorate and from the atrium of the Compania de Jesus Church. On November 17, the Provincial Chamber Choir offered a performance, too. [13.11.2020]

  • Cordoba National University (UNC) and the University of Jinan officially opened the third Confucius Institute in Argentina. The online ceremony was broadcast last Friday through Channel U and it could be seen live in the Popular Republic of China. [10.13.2020]

  • On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, Fernando Navarro, an Argentinian astronomer who graduated from UNC held a conversation organized by the UNC Outreach Office through the Youtube channel. This conversation is part of a series of interviews called "How do things work?", organized by the UNC  Outreach Office Program of Education in Science and Technology [10. 09.2020]