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  • Hemoderivatives UNC


    The pharmaceutical laboratory of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba announces that it is working to develop and obtain gamma globulin enriched with COVID-19 antibodies from the convalescent plasma of patients who have already recovered. [April 6, 2020]

  • Laboratorio de Hemoderivados UNC

    The UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives received the United Nations’ Excellence in Public Service Award. This award recognizes the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that help to sustain more effective and receptive public administration in countries around the world. Awarded annually, it  promotes the work, professionalism, and visibility of public service. [05.30.2019]

  • UNC CILE 2019

    From March 27 to 30, the city of Córdoba hosted the world’s most important event on Spanish language and culture: the eighth meeting of CILE. This mega-event had a long list of renowned academic, scientific, and cultural personalities. [04.02.2019]

  • Femenías Honorary Doctorate

    As part of the commemoration of the International Working Women´s Day, UNC awarded its most significant academic recognition to the philosopher and gender researcher, María Luisa Femenías. [03.08.2018]

  • Cordoba Students Rebellion 1918

    The publication of the UNC Liminal Manifesto celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 21st. It is an emblematic text that gathers the demands of a group of young Cordobese university students and intellectual reformists that rebelled against what they considered a conservative and excluding university.