The UNC unveils the “Portal of the Centenary”

The UNC unveils the “Portal of the Centenary”

University Reform 1918 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

The official unveiling of the buildings and the monument that make up the “Portal of the Centenary” took place last Wednesday at the University campus. The new project includes the UNC Virtual Campus Building, the Student House, and the Centenary of the Reform´s monument. The total of the works add up to 55111 ft2 . The unveiling was transmitted live through UNC´s official website and social media accounts. [06.08.2018]

In commemoration of the Centenary of the University Reform, the unveiling of the works that make up the “Portal of the Centenary” was formalized yesterday afternoon. The project includes two buildings- the Virtual Campus and the Student House- and the Centenary of the Reform’s monument. 

The works that make up the “Portal of the Centenary” are located in the entrance to the University Campus and add up to a total of 55111 ft2. The amount invested goes over 77 million pesos. 

At the center of the Portal, there is an allegorical monument of the historical Rectorate taking that tooke place at UNC in 1918. The iron structure is based on the historical picture that immortalizes the moment in which eight students went on the roof of the old Rectorate Building on Obispo Trejo St. and raised up a piece of the rector's office curtains like a flag.

At the right of the monument, there stands the Student House that responds -100 years later- to the proclaim of 1918’s students that asked the university authorities to have a house for the students. The glazed façade building will have meeting rooms, administrative offices of the University Federation of Córdoba (FUC) and a bar on the ground floor.

UNC Student House - University Federation of Córdoba

The Virtual Campus, the third building that “closes” the Portal, is located in front of the Faculties of Communication and Social Sciences. This four-floored construction is covered by a micro-perforated white sheet, over which projections can be done. It also has exhibition rooms, auditoriums and a production content room. The building was constructed under the concept of digital education and houses the equipment of UNC’s IT Department and a data center. In addition, it houses a Micro and Nanoscopy Center by means of the settlement of three Conicet’s institutes. 

UNC Virtual Campus Building and Data Center

The head of UNC´s Institucional Strategy Planning Area, Ian Dutari, highlighted that the “Portal of the Centenary” is a door that will simbolically connect the University Campus with the City of Córdoba. “This group of new buildings make up an area of more than 53819 ft2 for the university’s activities”, stated Dutari.

The main event took place last Wednesday at 6 pm and was transmitted live through the UNC’s official website and social media accounts. 

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