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  • On October 24, 2021, the anniversary of the Astronomical Observatory of Córdoba (OAC) will be celebrated. This observatory, created by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, is a cutting edge institution regarding national scientific development, which provides invaluable contributions to world astronomy. Open commemorative activities for the community will take place.

  • The UNC Office of Community Outreach together with “Cineminuto” Group announce the fifth edition of The International Cineminutos Festival in Córdoba. This event shall take place online on May 13 and 14, and, as it is done every year, it proposes a professional competition and a university one, both composed of pieces which include all genres, with diverse topics as well as from places all over the world. (05.05.2021)

  • Three meetings will be held with the intention of giving information on the Science Internationalization Program managed by the UNC Office of International Relations (PRI) and the UNC Office of Science and Technology (SeCyT). The first event shall take place on May 7 at 9 am (04.05.2021)

  • This committee has been just created by the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and it will be integrated by representatives of scientific and academic institutions. Some of the advisory tasks carried out will be in the Open and Citizen Science areas, with the objective of paving the way towards the elaboration of policies and the planning of actions related to these topics. (03.05.2021)

  • The Gender Policies Central Unit (UNICEPG) is making a call for the selection of twelve workshop facilitators to coordinate online meetings directed to teachers and administrative staff at UNC. These workshops will start in June and are part of the mandatory training program organized within the framework of gender and violence against women and diversity set by this national norm. (04.30.2021)

    *The Micaela Law establishes mandatory training on gender and violence against women and non-heteronormative identities for all persons working in the public sector at all levels and hierarchies.