Nexos Program is growing. It reaches 7 cities in the Province of Córdoba now.

Nexos Program is growing. It reaches 7 cities in the Province of Córdoba now.

There will be academic referents who will be providing information and guiding UNC 2021 incoming students. They will be assisting students, in person, in Rio ceballos, Rio Tercero, Jesus Maria,Valle Hermoso, Arroyito, Villa Dolores and Villa del Rosario. [02.05.2021]

The Coronavirus pandemic forced the advent of changes regarding access to teaching/learning modalities for the National University of Córdoba (UNC) incoming students, who had historically approached this university in person to register and to be part of the students’ world.

On those occasions, before the Coronavirus pandemic, incoming students were able to get to know all the information regarding their future university studies in person: the introductory cycle dates, exam modalities, bibliographic material, opportunities for obtaining scholarships, among other important aspects.

All such information is still available online at each Academic Unit of the University, which has been able to adapt to remote teaching rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic in Córdoba. However, this new context may generate anxiety and certain difficulties to incoming students as this academic space is unknown to them.

Within this context, UNC Nexos Córdoba, an articulation program created to fill the gap between the last high school oriented course and University, will be reaching seven cities in the province of Córdoba as of February. The objective of such a program is to support 6th year students all along this transition and continuation period towards university life.

In each of these cities, there will be a Nexos academic referent who will meet in person (and remotely, for those students unable to reach the site) 2021 incoming students from Rio Ceballos, Rio Tercero, Jesus Maria, Valle Hermoso, Arroyito, Villa Dolores and Villa del Rosario, and from any other place near these cities.

These academic referents will be informing students on UNC educational options, and will be assisting them with the registration process to those faculties whose admission periods remain open. They will also be advising students on the introductory cycle in the Virtual Classroom, and on the corresponding subjects. Besides, they will be contacting students with a Nexos tutor specifically appointed for the different faculties they may have chosen to study at. Thus, incoming students will be counting with specific orientation.

Students will also be informed about the services UNC offers to them: bibliographic material grants, connectivity, orientation courses, medical plans, remedial courses, etc.

Thus, Nexos sites located all around the province will be enabling and strengthening 6th year high school students’ access to UNC. These students, due to pandemic, have been facing difficulties regarding their plans to go in for higher studies and being trained professionally.

This is another achievement that will reinforce the Program’s proposal, which, since this year, will be also widening its scope for all UNC incoming students by means of their temporary attendance in the virtual classrooms of some faculties.

UNC Nexos program consists of three steps for students support: Closing Period: with the objective of supporting sixth year students from Córdoba city public schools and from the north of the province towards their effective high school graduation; Bridge Period: which intends to pave the way of high school students towards UNC by improving their academic performance, and Identity and Feeling of Belonging: in which students are accompanied in this first stage as university students to foster their continuity in the university.

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