International Cooperation

A University Open to the World

With more than 400 years of history, UNC proposes to maintain its achievements by affirming the commitment to higher education as a right in Argentina and keeping a position of excellence in the construction of scientific knowledge and technological development.
In this context, UNC understands the Internationalization of Higher Education as one of the main principles for institutional strengthening and a strategy for improving academic quality. UNC implements this policy across every area within the university and through the International Relations Office (PRI), in particular. PRI promotes the process of international and intercultural dimension integration.

Recent Achievements
In the last years, PRI has been engaged in activities aimed at strengthening UNC internationalization process. The following should be highlighted:
Fostering the role of UNC as a host university for international students.
Presenting the UNC International Week with the active participation of foreign cultural and diplomatic representations, and local and exchange students.
Increasing the number of UNC students that travel to universities abroad as part of exchange programs and bilateral agreements.
Housing PECLA, PRI-UNC’s Latin American Culture and Spanish Language Program for international students.
Accommodating Centro Franco-Argentino and Centro Italo-Argentino, PRI-UNC’s French and Italian cooperation academic and scientific centers.
Participating in major associations and academic networks in the region and the world: Grupo Montevideo, UDUAL, Red de Macrouniversidades de América Latina y el Caribe, AUIP, Columbus.
Increasing UNC’s participation in national and international promotion programs.
UNC International Relations Office