The Confucius Institute at the national university of Cordoba was opened

The Confucius Institute at the national university of Cordoba was opened

Cordoba National University (UNC) and the University of Jinan officially opened the third Confucius Institute in Argentina. The online ceremony was broadcast last Friday through Channel U and it could be seen live in the Popular Republic of China. [10.13.2020]

Social distance regulations had been delaying the opening of the Confucius Institute (CI)-which had been scheduled for March 2020-until October 9th, 2020. Both, Cordoba National University and the University of Jinan, mentors of CI, took the decision of opening the doors of the Confucius Institute by means of a virtual ceremony and, thus, they both showed their strength at overcoming the effect of the pandemic by turning a crisis into an opportunity.

The event could be seen live through Channel U, the UNC channel, and at the same time, it was broadcast by the Popular Republic of China' media. UNC Rector, Mr. Hugo Juri, Mr. Juan Schiaretti, Cordoba governor, the National Minister of Education, Mr. Nicolas Trotta,and the National Secretary of University Policies, Mr. Jaime Perczyk, highlighted the importance of this initiative. Chinese authorities, who attended the event online, also made emphasis on the value of the strategic position of the Third Confucius Institute in Argentina, and the first one in the interior of the country.

Such an institution, devoted to the teaching of the Chinese language and culture, has been working at the UNC for the last few months providing courses, conferences and academic exchange programs, some of them cancelled due to Covid 19 pandemic. Ms. Elena Perez, Dean of the Faculty of Languages, is the director of the Confucius Institute at UNC, supported by a board which is composed of the following UNC authorities: Mirian Carballo, Marcelo Sanchez, Agustin Savid and Conrado Storani

The official opening act was chaired by UNC Rector, Hugo Juri, and by the President of the University of Jinan, Song Xianzhong, with the participation of Argentine national and provincial authorities and representatives of the Chinese government.

"This event not only opens a cultural bridge, but also, as of this very moment, we formally open the doors to our Confucius Institute to the whole of our community. This celebration not only has to do with the convergence, through this project, with the University of Jinan, but it also envisions a further approach towards the Popular Republic of China, its culture and its people. This project started four years ago and it created a bond that has been strengthening with the passing of time, and, which may, hopefully, take multiple shapes", Mr.Juri pointed out in his speech.

He further added, "Through our Confucius Institute we are not only opening a cultural bridge on which books, teachers, students and cultural traditions shall meet, but , we are also planning to trace a fertile exchange East-West route, which may contribute to scientific cooperation in general, and to the solution of problems common to both countries.

Following the same line of thought, Mr. Jaime Perczyk, National Secretary of University Policies, highlighted, "This is a space that works as a place of integration of Argentina with a country as important as China is".

The National Minister of Education, Nicolas Trotta, pointed out the importance of this alliance: "Because we also know that the future of our country, and our social and economic recovery are also linked to the international agenda and to the need of expanding not only Argentinian exports but also the constant exchange of knowledge".

Cordoba's governor, Mr. Juan Schiaretti, also referred to the importance of counting with the Confucius Institute in Cordoba:" So as to be able to make progress towards economic and commercial cooperation, it is necessary to understand each other's culture, as this is what provides solid grounds to the relations among our peoples".

On China's behalf, Mr. Song Xianzhong, President of the University of Jinan;Mr. Lin Rupeng, President of the University of Jinan Council;Mr. Zhao Lingshan, General Secretary of the Chinese International Foundation for Education and Mr. Zou Xiaoli, Ambassador of the Popular Republic of China in Argentina, sent their messages.

In these moments, when the policies of the Argentine state are intensifying their friendship bonds with China, universities have an important role in the construction of this road of exchanges.