The Academic Year Starts with a Mixture of Online and Off-line Modality

The Academic Year Starts with a Mixture of Online and Off-line Modality

Most academic units have already started their levelling cycles online. Many faculties will be offering partial off-line classes in both, final exams instances and in regular classes. In the meantime, the House of Trejo moves forward towards the adaptation period by adjusting classrooms, laboratories and other units so as to return to in-person classes whenever the sanitary conditions are given. Mr Juri, UNC Rector, will make agreements with other university rectors with the objective of allowing UNC students to undertake their practical classes in other provinces (02.02.2021)

The UNC Academic Year started this year by providing a mixture of virtual and partial in-person activities due to the global sanitary Coronavirus crisis.

Last year, the Medical Sciences Faculty blazed the trail regarding in-person activities, particularly for those students attending their last academic years who needed to perform their mandatory professional practices with the objective of graduating. In fact, 165 medical doctors graduated in 2020 by performing their activities at university hospitals, under all the biosecurity standards, following the Córdoba province sanitary entity (COE) regulations and engaging in the voluntary activities generated by the Córdoba Province Health Ministry within the pandemic framework

Besides, at the Medical Sciences Faculty, after the non-mandatory first stage which was virtually set in 2020, the incoming students willing to access to the different higher studies offered by this academic unit started classes on Monday, February, 1st, and until March 9th the second stage of the 2021 Levelling and Orientation Cycle towards Medical University Studies (Conemum) will be taking place for students to be able to sit for the corresponding exam.

This cycle is carried out under a virtual modality, including synchronous and non-synchronous activities. Each theme is organized based on the presentation of contents through different means that will be available in the virtual classroom apart from offering daily theoretical-practical videoconferences.

Mr Juri himself, the UNC Rector, participated in the virtual act welcoming the third 2021 cohort group of incoming students at the Agricultural Sciences Faculty (FCA).

In this academic unit, the first two sessions of the levelling cycle started their activities in 2020, while on Monday,February 1st, 2021, the third group of incoming students started their classes. Mr Juri was part of this act together with Mr. Marcelo Conrero, the Dean of this faculty, and Mr Juri highlighted the importance of this event: “This is one of the most beautiful days at university, when we welcome the new students. In this special and unfortunate situation the world is going through, we have made out of it the most we could, and, among many achievements: virtuality. Virtuality has enabled us to comply with the objectives of reaching students wherever they were”.


In that sense, the subject: Introduction to Agricultural Sciences (ICA) or all the studies in this academic unit will be dictated virtually in the Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry areas, while in the Environment area of each study in particular at this faculty, classes will be in-person at the School Campus throughout February and March 2021, as long as this is made possible within the framework of Covid 19 pandemic.

Within this context,Mr Juri will be signing,in the next few days, an agreement with Mr Tecchi, the Rector of the National University of Jujuy. This agreement will be enabling the continuation of practical activities to all UNC Agricultural students residing in Jujuy without having to travel to Cordoba.

In the meantime, the Chemical Sciences Faculty informed that next Monday, classes for online students, who were not able to perform their lab practical activities, will be starting off-line. These 550 university students will be carrying out their practical work at the different study branches in this academic unit. These activities will be taking place until February 22nd so as to be able to continue with the other subjects.

At the Economic Sciences Faculty, throughout February, exams will be taken online, but students will be attending these exams in-person at the faculty premises.This academic unit implemented a system of notebook loans to facilitate the realization of the exams. On this occasion, so as to enlarge the capacity available, students can attend the Economic Sciences faculty classrooms as a biosecurity protocol has been approved for this instance.

On the other hand, the first edition of the 2021 Levelling Cycle will be developed virtually from February 3rd to March 19. The subjects offered will be: Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to University Studies and to Economy (IEUyE) and Introduction to Mathematics which are part of the study plan syllabus. On Tuesday at 5 pm, the opening act will be taking place and broadcast by the faculty Youtube channel.

The 2021 Levelling Cycle will have two sessions: February/March and May/June.This proposal stems from the need of offering the possibility to study Economic Sciences to prospective incoming students who still do not know when they will be finishing their high school studies.

At the Exact, Physics and Natural Sciences Faculty, the levelling cycle started virtually on January 25 and it will be dictated for four weeks. Nevertheless, that academic unit informed that in April another levelling cycle will be opened to cater for high school students who may probably be finishing their courses in March. Besides, the first exam session in February will be counting with in-person facilities so as to complete the 2020 pending practical instances in all the careers offered in that academic unit.

At the Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computing Sciences Faculty (Famaf), the first levelling course (registration is already closed) started in January 2021 and it will finish on March 5th. While the second levelling course will take place between May 17 and July 2nd (timetable to be confirmed, registration opens on April 5).

At the Faculty of Languages, the 2021 Levelling Cycle is totally online, it is attended through the Faculty’s virtual classrooms by means of the Moodle platform. Classes started after the first registration period last November 16, 2020 and they will finish on February 26, 2021. The first subject of the levelling cycle was attended during November- December 2020. The second subject started its activities on Monday, February 1st

At the Odontology faculty, registrations will be open for the levelling cycle as of February 22, 2021. Classes will be online. On the other hand, this academic unit is adjusting classrooms so as to be able to carry out in-person activities in those subjects in which students need to perform practical classes and thus, being able to move forward in their studies.

The Psychology Faculty, due to the present sanitary situation, informed that classes will not start in-person. The levelling cycle will be 100% online by means of their virtual platform. On February 18, at 10 am, through the YouTube channel the welcoming act to 2021 incoming students will be broadcast. And, on March 1st, classes on “Introduction to University Studies” will be starting.

At the Architecture and Industrial Design Faculty, the 2021 online levelling cycle will start on February 8. Over 2,500 incoming students are expected for the different courses offered in this Faculty. The courses will be 100% online.

At the Faculty of Arts, the levelling cycle will be held between the 1st of March and April 16, 2021. The different study modules will be offering synchronous and non- synchronous activities. All courses will be given online.

At the Communication Sciences Faculty, the introductory course started on February 1st and it will finish on February 12th. Virtual tutoring will be held until April 1st. Besides, there is a registration postponement until February 5th.

Further Activities

At the Social Sciences Faculty, the introductory course to Social Work, Sociology and Political Sciences will start in March. In February, a series of virtual activities are programmed so that the incoming students may get to know the faculty premises, university life and the management of tools that will enable the attendance of virtual classes and exchanges as long as the pandemic lasts.

The Faculty of Law concluded their synchronous stage and on Monday, the levelling cycle synchronous course (Ieca) was launched, both online. For those students who have not been able to finish their high school studies in March, there will be a second version of the levelling cycle in May.This version will be offered with an intensive modality. All the study material will be uploaded on the Law Faculty web.The first partial test will be taken on February 8th and the second one on March 15th. The make up test will be taking place on March 23rd and the first shift final exam will be taken on the first fortnight in April.

Finally, the Philosophy and Humanities Faculty informed that the levelling courses of all the higher studies offered there started on Monday, February 8th. In December 2020, all students received their studying handouts to be used in their respective virtual classrooms.