“What does the future need from us?”This is the slogan under which both,the UNC´s Management Innovation Office and the Office of Students Affair (SAE),are organizing this important event which,for the first time,is centered on the exclusive participation of all UNC´s community. Activities shall take place by the end of August and broadcast live by Channel 10.(07.22.2021)

The UNC´s Management Innovation Office together with the Office of Students Affairs,(SAE)and the UNC Radio and Television Service(SRT)are organizing the TEDx Universidad Nacional de Córdoba event.

This event will be taking place by the end of August and it consists of a cycle of short and precise talks on a specific topic under the Ted talk format in which UNC students, teachers, administrative staff, and graduates will be giving their presentations.

The main motto will be ”what does the future need from us?”.A reflection on what the future demands from us as individuals, as professionals and as a society so as to be able to build a more sustainable, inclusive,and egalitarian world.

Sub-topics such as:the Digital Classroom:the challenge to learn in a digital environment.The Technological Stress: How has technology impacted on our well-being?Soft skills, their importance in the work world of the future. Inclusion:the power of technology to improve our quality of life, and Women Leadership.will be approached

Those who are willing to be speakers at UNC TEDx should only comply with the requisite of having one inspiring idea that is worth sharing and to be part of the UNC community.

The deadline for applications is July 30,2021.You may apply by filling in this online form available on the event´s official instagram(@tedx.inc). You may also suggest the participation of other people you may consider their ideas worth sharing.

A selection committee made up of members from the four cloisters, authorities and members from the organizing committee will be taking the final decision on who the speakers will be.The event shall take place at the SRT facilities and will be broadcast live through Channel 10 and YouTube.

On TEDx talks

TED’s conferences started out in1984 in California and consisted of the  convergence of three main topics:technology, entertainment and design. Nowadays,these conferences cover all the topics and types of speakers. The range of topics dealt with may go from science,business,art and philosophy to the main global issues.

Artists,researchers,scientists,students,professionals,activists,celebrities, and unknown,passionate and expert people have participated in these talks in more than 100 languages. 

Besides,these talks are characterized by their fast and ”to the point” presentations which can last up to 18 minutes.They are gripping , well-construed, strongly communicated, clear and always focused on this underlying concept:spreading ideas that are worth sharing.

Why TEDx at UNC?

UNC is,undoubtedly, a community that is rich in knowledge: There are/It has great teachers,graduates,and administrative staff  who are trained in many and varied areas of knowledge,as well as students who have gone through hundreds of experiences along their university life

 The main objective of this activity is to transmit these concepts,values and ideas so that they can reach a vast audience.

Mr Matias Lingua,UNC´s Management Innovation Office Secretary, is one of the organizers of this event. With respect to this he outlined:“Organizing an event such as TEDx UNC means a great challenge in which many of the capabilities that our institution holds will be at stake.Our objective is to contribute with a new dialogue and exchange space,so necessary in these times of virtuality,which may lead to an extra effort to continue wondering,questioning,and learning in this long lasting process we are going through”.

Regarding the vision of the future that characterizes this activity, the officer remarked:”Thinking about the future and imagining it means building the future today and the only way of doing so is through the community.That is why it is important to share what we believe in and desire.It is in this feedback process where we will find better and more diverse answers by means of a cross-sectional,transparent and inclusive perspective”.

The Secretary, Mr. Leandro Carbelo, expressed that sharing ideas and generating community is part of our university’s DNA “ TED talks propose to share ideas by means of a format that has connected and inspired millions of people all over the world.They are “pills” concentrated at their maximum value expressed at the minimum possible period of time”.

When referring to this communication format, Carbelo warned:“One of the greatest challenges professionals face is to learn how to communicate ideas in an effective way.Soft skills such as speech, narrative and creativity are pending items many of us hold, and I can see in TEDx a good platform from which we can train and learn. I hope many students, teachers, administrative staff and  even graduates may dare to participate in this UNC initiative.

Rana René (René, the frog) comes into scene ands tells us everything about TEDx UNC

Within the present digital context,and facing the overload of cognitive messages,trying to attract the attention of the public has become quite a challenge.We need to go for disruptive resources in order to be able to hack communication and to connect with the public. 

The use of memes by organizations and brands is known as memejacking and it consists, basically, of creating and spreading content and stories supported by one of the most important expressive resources in the digital territories:memes.

It is within this framework that TEDx UNC took the initiative, somehow novel in this space, of making up a communication campaign wholly based on the meme strategy.

 Therefore,a “classical meme” was chosen:the famous Rana René (René,the Frog) who is going around different University Campus sites at UNC telling stories.The objective of this activity is to network such a vast and diverse community as UNC community is,with over 150 thousand people,and inviting each one of them to join our new proposal.