United Nations Awards UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives

United Nations Awards UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives

Laboratorio de Hemoderivados UNC

The UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives received the United Nations’ Excellence in Public Service Award. This award recognizes the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that help to sustain more effective and receptive public administration in countries around the world. Awarded annually, it  promotes the work, professionalism, and visibility of public service. [05.30.2019]

The laboratory won in the second category of the prize, “Ensuring integrated approaches in the public-sector institutions,” which highlights the work of UNC’s laboratory as a model of social, collaborative, and sustainable business, with particular attention to the public production of drugs to guarantee its availability to and access for the population of Argentina and the countries of Latin America.

Moreover, the granting of this award implies that the Laboratory of Hemoderivatives is contributing to the implementation of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development  and the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations. Particularly, the Laboratory’s worked related to SDG number 3, “Good Health and Wellbeing”, favoring universal health coverage.

The Laboratory of Hemoderivatives allows hospitals, clinics, the public sector, and those in vulnerable situations to access essential medications with great therapeutic value, reliability, efficacy, and affordability. More than 30 million drugs manufactured here have allowed the treatment of more than 2 million people suffering from life-threatening illnesses in Argentina and Latin America since 2001.

This includes manufacturing medications which the pharmacological industry does not produce because they would help so few people. Likewise, the Laboratory maintains a Medication Donation Program to benefit those without health coverage and/or economic resources.

Furthermore, the prices of the drugs produced by the Laboratory are lower than those of the competition. This way, it also contributes to keeping market prices low. This implies annual savings of 60 million US dollars for the national health system and for the region.

The income that results from the sale of the drugs goes to research, human resource training, and investment in infrastructure and technology.These elements assure the sustainability and the sustained growth of the institution and its social impact.

All of these aspects were considered by the United Nations in their recognition of the UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives as an institution that stands out on a global level for its excellence in public service. The award ceremony took place in the United Nations Public Service Forum which was held June 24-26, 2019 in Bakú, Azerbaijan.

2019 Winners
In 2019, 11 prizes in various categories were awarded to institutions from around the world. The Laboratory of Hemoderivatives was the only honoree from Argentina.