Community Outreach

Fulfilling its commitment to the community, UNC develops interventions and fosters the links between university and society by implementing the following programs:

University, Society, and Prison
The ambitious objective of the University, Society and Prison Program is to promote an open space to connect the university, different institutions in society and the prison system to seek and analyze alternatives to the problems that emerge as a result of imprisonment observing them from the point of view of Human Rights.
Student Solidarity
The Student Solidarity Program aims at strengthening the holistic education of university students in relation to the reality faced by different social groups, actively participating with these groups in their plight for rights and social transformation.
The Gender Program contributes to the transformation of human rights inequities experienced by women, men and individuals belonging to other sexual identities.
Social Policies, Employment and Labor
The Social Policies, Employment and Labor Program aims at the discussion and intervention on the part of the university in the area of state social policies which tackle the connection between poverty and exclusion, welfare, work and employment inadequateness.
Childhood and Youth
The Childhood and Youth Program of the University Secretary of Outreach promotes the generation of new general, integrated, interdisciplinary plans to contribute to defend the rights of children and youngsters.
Social Institutions and Health
The Social Institutions and Health Program aims at bettering the life quality of senior citizens by promoting social integration and active lifestyles.
Human Rights Practices Observatory
The Human Rights Practices Observatory promotes a committed contribution to building social practices which are more democratic and respectful of Human Rights

The University also provides grants and scholarships to faculty, graduates, and students for the development of social intervention projects.