Women and Political Practices

Women and Political Practices

The UNC Office of International Relations (PRI) organized a conference called “Women and Political Practices”, which took place online on March 29 at 5 pm. Ms Delia Ferreira Rubio, a renowned jurist, and the national congresswoman, Ms Brenda Austin, took part in this event. On this occasion, this talk was framed within the cycle “Does scientific investigation have a universal language?” (03.26.2021)

Within the context of the cycle “Does scientific investigation have a universal language?”, on March 29, a free and online conference called “Women and Political Practices” took place. The jurist, Ms Delia Fereira Rubio and the congresswoman, Ms Brenda Austin, participated in such event.

This cycle of conferences organized by the UNC Office of International Relations (PRI) intends to inquire about scientific production, individual and collective processes, training and research processes, and about the different intersubjective links in vast discussion and development fields regarding science.

Throughout Women’s Month and commemorating a vast history of struggles and conquests, these two women, with a decisive role in different action and decision public policies scenarios, participated in this first 2021 meeting.

With the intention of reflecting on these issues, different UNC graduates who are renowned researchers in the fields of knowledge were summoned. These UNC graduates have also trained abroad and are nowadays teaching, researching and participating in institutional impact environments at various universities and NGOs all over the world.

Ms Delia Ferreira Rubio- She is a renowned Argentine jurist, a UNC graduate, with a vast background as an advisor at both, national and international subjects, in political financing, corruption and transparency serving at various international organizations such as IFES, UNDP, OAS, BID, IDEA, NEEDS, ERIS, CAPEL, DEMOCRACY INTERNATIONAL, COUNTERPART, and UNWomen among others. She is the author of numerous publications on Transparency, Political Corruption, Parliamentary and Public Ethics and Comparative Politics.
At present, she is working as the President of International Transparency. Doctor Ferreira Rubio kept a dialogue with Ms BRENDA AUSTIN, national congresswoman representing the Province of Córdoba.
Brenda Austin, lawyer and  Master in Applied Political Studies, with a vast public activity in our country and with significant background in management. She has worked as Secretary of Education in the city of Córdoba and as President of the University Federation of Córdoba and of the Student Center at the UNC Law School, among other positions.