The UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives makes progress on the development of a medication to treat patients with COVID-19

The UNC Laboratory of Hemoderivatives makes progress on the development of a medication to treat patients with COVID-19

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The pharmaceutical laboratory of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba announces that it is working to develop and obtain gamma globulin enriched with COVID-19 antibodies from the convalescent plasma of patients who have already recovered. [April 6, 2020]

In the context of the health emergency posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, beyond the measures implemented by the national government (mandatory and preventative social isolation) and the adaptation of health infrastructure, progress on treatments is necessary to minimize mortality rates for patients in critical condition.

Globally, pharmaceutical companies and international regulatory authorities are working against the clock to develop and test various treatment options.

With that aim in mind, the Laboratory of Hemoderivatives is committed to developing concentrated antibodies to treat severe COVID-19 patients. This kind of treatment is being put forward as a highly-effective and biologically-safe option.

The initiative is supported by the National Ministry of Health. The laboratory is working together with the National Blood System and other institutions to make progress in the various facets involved in a project of this scale, including:

  • Obtaining the necessary raw material: convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients 
  • Technological feasibility: adapting existing technology and equipment in the facilities for the manufacturing process
  • Navigating emergency regulatory protocol: authorization from ANMAT (the National Administration of Medicine, Food, and Medical Technology) to begin producing a medication that has not yet completed its registration stage with the health authority.

Other medications for use in the emergency
Currently, because of the health emergency posed by COVID-19 and at the request of the National Ministry of Health, the Laboratory of Hemoderivatives has directed its focus on the production of the following medications:

  • Dexamethasone
  • Intravenous gamma globulin
  • Normal immunoglobulin (intramuscular)
  • Human serum albumin

These medications are being used as complementary treatments for patients infected with COVID-19, in addition to their usual uses.

The Laboratory of Hemoderivatives of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba was created 55 years ago to meet public health needs, aiding the entire population in gaining access to treatment.
This health emergency is a new opportunity for this institution, with its long history and vast experience with developing and producing specific hyperimmune antibodies. Once again, it is the only laboratory in Latin America with the productive capacity and necessary equipment to respond to the population’s health needs.

Translation: UNC International Dissemination Team

>> Originally published in Spanish