The Regular Program lasts 4 months -from March to June and from August to November- and it consists of two or three classes per week. The number of classes per week varies according to the course type.
All PECLA courses are taught during the four-month periods: Spanish language- all levels (80 hours), language specific ones (45 hours) and Culture (45 hours).
This Program includes:

  • Enrollment
  • Orientation
  • Learning materials
  • CELU examination
  • University lunch-room: for the duration of the program (lunch from Mondays to Fridays -except holidays- at scheduled times set by the UNC Canteen.)

2020 Schedule:

First Term:

Starting date: March 16

Finishing date: June 03

Registration: until March 09

Second term:

Starting date: August 10

Finishing date: November 27

Registration: until July 25

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