Dr. Hugo Oscar Juri

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery - UNC
Head Professor of Medical Computer Science - Faculty of Medical Sciences
CONEAU Evaluator
Vice-President of the Southern Cone region of the UDUAL
Director of Fulbright Commission - Argentina

Vice Rector
Dr. Ramón Pedro Yanzi Ferreira

Doctor in Law and Social Sciences - UNC
Head Professor of History of Argentine Law - Faculty of Law
Member of the Academic Council Infojus - Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Argentina National Government
Member of the National Academy of Moral and Political Science

Office of the Provost
Provost: Roberto Terzariol, Eng.
Deputy Provost: Jorge Dutto, AEng.
Academic Affairs
Head of Academic Affairs: Dr. Mirta Spadiliero de Lutri
Academic Affairs Secretary: Claudia Guzmán, Eng. MA
Sub-Secretary of Undergraduate Studies: María Cristina Castillo, BA
Sub-Secretary of Postgraduate Studies: Dr. Mirta Valentich
Strategic Institutional Planning
Head of the area: Elvira Fernández, Arch.
Sub-Secretary of Physical Planning: María del Carmen Fernández Saíz, Arch.
Students Affairs
Students Affairs Secretary: Leandro Carbelo, AEng.
Social Inclusion and Student Population Coordinator: Pablo Luis Cabrera, Arch.
Coordinator of the Head Office of Student Health: Erik Román Navarro Díaz, BA
Sports, Recreation and Healthy Life Coordinator: Andrés Gustavo Rolón
Science, Technology and Productive Innovation
Head of the area: Dr. Miriam Strumia
Science and Technology Secretary: Dr. Carla Giacomelli
Sub-Secretary of Promotion and Development of Scientific and Technological Research: Dr. Cecilia Ames
Sub-Secretary of Technological Innovation, Transference and Liaison: Dr. Franco Francisca 
Community Outreach
Head of the area: Dr. Gustavo Irico
Community Outreach Secretary: Conrado Storani, Atty.
Sub-Secretary of Culture: Pedro Sorrentino, MA
Institutional Management
Head of the area: Marcelo Conrero, AEng.
Institutional Management Secretary: Marcelo Sánchez, MA
Deputy Secretary for Administration: Héctor Gatti
International Relations
Deputy Secretary of International Relations: Dr. Miriam Carballo
Coordinator of International Cooperation: Carlos Barioglio, AEng.
Institutional Communication
Deputy Secretary of Institutional Communication: Gustavo Mathieu, MA
Computer Science
Deputy Secretary of Computer Science: Alfredo M. Montes, Eng.
IT Director: Daniel Bollo, Acct.
Virtual Platform
Head of the Virtual Platform: Dr. Cecilia Cravero
Main Office of Hygiene, Security and Working Environment Management
Head of the area: Daniel Pontelli, Eng.