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Towards 400 years of history

Founded in 1613, the National University of Cordoba is the oldest university in Argentina and one of the first in the Americas. A rich history of events turned UNC into an important center of cultural, scientific, political and social influence for the country and the region.

Born under the Jesuit Order, the UNC and had a theological and philosophical profile, but in late 18th century legal studies were incorporated. By mid-19th century, with the enactment of the Constitution, UNC was nationalized and theological studies were eliminated from the curriculum. Scientific studies were progressively incorporated. In 1871, Argentina’s first astronomical observatory was created in Cordoba.

At the beginning of 20th century, UNC students were the protagonists of the University Reform Movement, a major turning point in the history of Latin American universities. It took place in 1918 and spread across Latin America while claiming scientific reasoning against dogmatism, freedom of thought, social commitment and the democratization of university government through participation of student governing body.

Campus information and statistics
Undergraduates: 100, 000
Postgraduate Students: 7,000
Faculty: 6,900
Technical and Administrative Staff: 2,800
Faculties: 12
90 Undergraduate Programs
163 Postgraduate Programs
3 Interdisciplinary Research Centers
98 Research Institutes
2 Astronomical Observatories
25 Libraries and 16 Museums
Size: 11,580,809m2
Buildings: 1,286,532m2
Green Spaces, Productive and Sport Areas: 10,294,227m2


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  • Banco Nacion
  • Portal de empleos de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Av. Haya de la Torre s/n - Pabellón Argentina - Ciudad Universitaria
Sitio desarrollado por la Comisión Ejecutiva 400 años de la UNC, Prosecretaría de Comunicación Institucional y Prosecretaría Informática de la UNC

Av. Haya de la Torre s/n - Pabellón Argentina - Ciudad Universitaria     
Sitio desarrollado por la Prosecretaría de Comunicación Institucional e Informática de la UNC