Spanish Language and Latin American Culture online courses

From September to December 2020, classes will continue to be held online. This virtual, digitally supported program will go along with extra-curricular online activities, featuring our Speaking Partners program.

Since March 16th, the Spanish Language and Latin American Culture Program (Pecla) at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba has been delivering its semester courses virtually.
Students attend synchronous teleconference classes on multiple platforms on scheduled days and times.

In addition to these classes, Pecla has its own asynchronous virtual classroom, the Moodle learning management tool. This is used for support and as an archive for class materials, forums, evaluations, and other information.

Courses offered

  • Argentina and its regional diversity
  • Argentine Cinema
  • Latin American History
  • Argentine History
  • Argentine Literature
  • Spanish grammar and composition
  • Development of integrated linguistics skills

Course syllabi:
Spanish >>
Culture >>

Course dates: September 7 through December 4, 2020.

Orientation Session and placement test: August 27, 2020

Classes: twice a week for synchronous teleconference classes - unlimited access to Moodle platform in Spanish

The Program includes:

  1. Orientation session and placement test
  2. Course (access to synchronous teleconference classes and Moodle platform)
  3. Virtual extracurricular activities
  4. Speaking Partners program

Registrations are open: 
The candidate must submit the documents detailed below. Once the admission process is completed, you may proceed to the payment process. 

  1. Online registration form
  2. Passport or ID scanned copy
  3. High School completion certification or University studies certificate
  4. Educational, governmental or work organism reference letter.
  5. Updated passport-like photo


  • To be over 17 years old
  • Official high school diploma or university registration

Language requirements
We require a pre-intermediate Spanish language proficiency to qualify for courses on Culture

PECLA awards certification for every course it offers. Upon completion, PECLA students obtain a certificate on which the courses taken, the grades obtained, and the number of hours the student attended such courses are detailed. Home universities may transfer credits following its own academic system and regulations.

For further information on courses and fees, please contact us: