Pursuant to its wide academic offer, UNC faculty and researchers are devoted to research in many different fields of knowledge.

Being scientific research and technological progress on the basis of the country’s development, the UNC implements the following policies:

Financial aid and support to research;
Undergraduate and graduate training and development;
Collaborative projects with local, national, and international scientific institutions;
Knowledge and innovative technology transfer to the productive sector and social environments;
Democratization of scientific knowledge and scientific dissemination.

More than 3,200 faculty members conduct research projects.
117 research centers and institutes.
1,244 research projects during 2014.
A member of the Cordoba Biotechnology Cluster that links the productive sector with public scientific institutions.
A member of the Foundation for Business Incubation to map monitor and promote entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.
UNC Innovation Technology Office seeks to create collaborative links between researchers and local, national and international institutions to promote scientific knowledge dissemination and transfer. Besides, it manages innovative projects that require the participation of a Technology Liaison Unit (TLU).
UNC Office of Intellectual Property provides advice to the academic community about protection, preservation, and application of university discoveries.

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